An earache can be brought about by a number of causes however, no matter the cause, they can all be extremely painful but can be treated easily by any one of several earache remedies. The incidence of ear ache is more prevalent amongst  children who, in the earlier years, are more prone to contract infections. Aa well as infections, here are some of the more common causes of earache:

1)  Obstruction in the ear such as wax formation and foriegn objects can also lead to severe pain in the ear canal area and may lead to infection.

2)  Atmospheric pressure changes due to altitude changes experienced when flying or even when driving through hilly areas and mountain ranges.

3)  Pressure changes are also experienced by scuba divers and these need to be 'cleared' or 'equalised' to avoid earache or even the possibility of a ruptured ear drum but can also be treated by traditional earache remedies.

4) Tinnitus.  Whilst this is more of an 'ear condition' than an earache usually caused by prolonged exposure to continuous loud noise, it is still very painful to experience and has specific treatments that can very successful.

Some of the more frequent infections are those caused from a tooth infection, a common cold, sinus,  allergies and evena sore throat.

The pain can range from a burning pain, a dull or sharp pain in both ears and consistently or within different time periods. This pain is often discomforting so person will want to cure it as soon as it occurs.